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Make Bigger Tips

If you were wondering how to make bigger tips as an escort, dancer, telephone actress or webcam girl, you have come to the right place. UnholyJobs has finally completed the book on how to make bigger tips in the adult industry. This is a free download but only for a limited time!

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Protecting Your Adult Images Using DMCA

Being in the industry, you know that your content is what keeps you ahead of the competition and is often how you earn a living. But you also know your photos, videos and articles are often stolen, a lot. But how do you combat the thieves and have your content removed and possibly have their sites taken down?

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May Performer of the Month – Britney Amber

UnholyJobs April “Performer of The Month” is California native, Britney Amber. Adult star Britney Amber might be one of the sexiest and most booked girls in the industry, who just so happens to have the look of an iconic and classy, mainstream Hollywood star. This blue-eyed, blonde haired bombshell is literally taking the industry by storm and when she told us she loved hot-sauce, “the hotter the better” – well, we instantly fell in love. Who doesn’t like a woman who can take a bit of heat…

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March Performer of the Month – Desiree Deluca

UnholyJobs March “Performer of The Month” is naturally stacked and shapely, Desiree Deluca. Desiree was once a mild-mannered but overly enthusiastic webcam girl and then peeler; and her success thus far in Adult really shows how she brings these medias together.

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Another UnholyJob Ad Goes in the Zero File

This will be my last blog post about using a real email address to post an ad at We have marketed this process, posted in numerous sites and of course posted the statement of NOT USING FREE EMAIL ACCOUNTS on our job submit page. I am writing this more in anger than in terms of trying to get traffic to the site or implementing my keywords… just my way of blowing off a little steam

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Strip Club Audition Tips Part Three

Part three of How To Audition in a strip club. Now that you have the job, what will be required of you. How to gain customers and make more money as a stripper your very first night – also included some easy stripper security tips

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Strip Club Audition Tips Part Two

Strip Club Audition Tips part two. Here we’ll be going into the actual strip club audition process and what to do and of course what to watch out for.