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In our attempt to keep applicants safe, we only accept the best ads and kick the scammy ones to the curb. All ads are validated and verified as much as possible prior to posting.We check that there is actually a website to look at or to apply to and that the place doesn’t get filled up with scammy recruiters.

Job Ad Validation

We do validate through a proper email address, so if you are a big-time website, you’ll need a real address coming from your site and not a free email account (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc). We get 100+ requests per evening for job ad placement and out of those probably only two will make it onto the site. A lot of the dismissal of ads comes from the poster not having an email address which simply ties them to the site as well, their inability to READ the paragraph just before the posting button about using an email address… smh

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Free Books on Job Placement

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