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Posted on September 17 , 2010 In Bartender, Drink Of The Month

Drink Of The Month September 2010

This month’s drink is called The Incredible Hulk and it involves my favorite soft drink — Mountain Dew. The Hulk is also my favorite comic book character, but I will save you the nerd talk and get right to the ingredients. The Incredible Hulker 1 oz Vodka 2 oz Mountain Dew 2 oz Midori Melon […]

Posted on August 13 , 2010 In Drink Of The Month

Drink Of The Month August 2010

August means preseason football, and like any ex-jock it triggers memories of two a day practices and getting to strap on the pads and hit people. So this month’s drink involves Gatorade and is called The American. Here is how you make it. 3 parts vodka 2 parts (blue) Gatorade 1 part Grenadine Pour grenadine […]

Posted on July 11 , 2010 In Bartender, Drink Of The Month

The Drink Of The Month July 2010

This is the first installment of The Drink Of The Month . It is hotter than hell outside so this months pick is a nice summer time drink that involves two of my favorite things Jack Daniels and Ice. I found this drink recipe on a site dedicated to The Competition Barbecue Team TENNESSEE JUNEBUG […]