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Posted on February 23 , 2012 In Strip Clubs

Strip Club Audition Tips Part Three

Part three of How To Audition in a strip club. Now that you have the job, what will be required of you. How to gain customers and make more money as a stripper your very first night – also included some easy stripper security tips

Posted on February 20 , 2012 In Strip Clubs

Strip Club Audition Tips Part Two

Strip Club Audition Tips part two. Here we’ll be going into the actual strip club audition process and what to do and of course what to watch out for.

Posted on February 18 , 2012 In Strip Clubs

Strip Club Audition Tips

Strip club audition tips. Stripping can be a fun and easy way to make money but it is doubly important to be safe while you are working. Following these easy strip club audition tips for working in any strip club is a great way to stay safe while having fun at the club.

Posted on December 11 , 2011 In Strip Clubs

Make Your Own Strip Club Currency

As a marketer and one who embraces new ideas and always pushes the limits of getting people to do what they normally wouldn’t… I was reading a few tweets last night and I always see the same club promoting their dancers and venues. Great! Now what? You get them in the door… so whats the […]

Posted on November 19 , 2011 In Dancers, Strip Clubs

Why most strippers fail the first year

Its clear that most strippers start off a little shaky, they get to know the “biz” and then become old pros rather quickly at dancing their way into your heart and out of your pocket

Posted on January 12 , 2011 In Dancers, Strip Clubs

What Top Earning Strippers Know

Are you brand new to stripping or thinking about becoming a stripper? It’s not as easy as it looks (or sounds) You might think you can slap some makeup on, show up, and twirl around the pole…but really that stuff has NOTHING to do with how you make money stripping.