Free report on how to post ads on Craigslist. Learn how to properly post an ad without it getting ghosted. We love using Craigslist, even for our own ads! But, now since Craigslist has diminished the opportunities for some adult work, how then should someone post an ad on Craigslist? We played around with a few posting scenarios and came up with several ideas that make complete sense and may allow you to get your adult material (or any product for that matter) posted in any part of Craigslist – albeit with a few instructions.

We came up with 7 solid ideas and this post would be a mile long in explanation, so we’ll list the titles of each method here but you can download our complete report free (link to follow):

  1. Have access to at least one email address and phone number
  2. Each ad you post must be very different from the other
  3. Never use links in ads
  4. Wait 48 hours after posting
  5. Dont just post your ads in only big cities
  6. Always verify your ads
  7. Always use a proxy server

For the full report on how to post Craigslist ads download it here: How To Post Ads on Craigslist