Checking for Fake ID’s Is Easier Than You Think

When it comes to checking a persons age to allow them into a bar or club, it is now doubly difficult thanks to super personal printers and scanners.

A good bouncer or doorman need to look for only a few key elements of a license or identification card:

  1. Simply compare the person to the picture on the license. Look for facial features such as eye colour, slant of nose and the easiest – how big the persons eyes are or how close they are together. Height, weight and hair colour change all the time don’t worry about the changeable features.
  2. Look for signs of tampering or fuzzy numbers or letters. Key information often tampered with is the picture, birth date, height and weight. Numbers or a state seal may not match up after the faked ID is re-laminated.
  3. Check the expiration date of a license. A drivers license with an expired date is a possible sign that the person it used to belong to gave it to a friend. Also check the ID to make sure it is not marked as a duplicate. A duplicate issued license means the licensee requested a copy of their license for whatever reason


If you can’t determine if the person pictured is the actual person standing in front of you then using this time tested trick will certainly call their bluff.

Simply ask the person you are checking: “What is your zodiac (horoscope) sign”. If a person is using a friends ID card they may know their birthday but probably don’t know their astrological (birth) sign. For example, someone born in April is an Aries. If the person in front of you can’t tell you their birth sign ask them to step away from the door. Almost everyone knows their birth sign.

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Bouncer Checking ID