How To Write Adult Job Classified Ads That Gets Results

Going through the database of unholy adult jobs and have noticed a trend in how some people are writing their job classifieds. I see some job posters who have written a great adult job classified and those who wrote a sloppy one and I can tell you the ones who took the time to add in their keywords, qualifying statements and call to action (CTA) are doing much better with applicants than others.

Knowing how to write an adult job classified ad isn’t difficult if you follow along the lines of anything else you post on the Internet where you want eyes on your work and traffic back to your site. While offers the ability for applicants to post their resumes to you, most often these same applicants will also go to your site to view how professional it is and what other information it holds.

People are searching the site for jobs and our keyword stats prove it. But, how many of these jobs can be found if the keywords aren’t included in your job title or in your job description?

UnholyJobs Adult Job Keywords

UnholyJobs Adult Job Keywords

Adult Classified Ad Titles With Keywords

Lets start with the title of your classified ad. Simply putting you need “Strippers for Our Club” is not going to cut it. While it may get a few views it won’t get as many as when people are searching for major keywords like “stripper, las vegas” or “stripper jobs in vegas”. You must post your keywords in your title – and another hint… your title should only be 60 characters long (yes this includes spaces).

So, you’re a club in Vegas looking for strippers – here’s what I would have for a title (and don’t use this I will deny your ad)

Topless Stripper Jobs in Las Vegas Dancers Needed

So you see I used 49 characters and included a number of keywords in my title.
A. Topless stripper jobs
B. Stripper jobs in vegas
C. Vegas dancers needed
D. Las Vegas dancers needed
E. Stripper jobs in Las Vegas

Now then, here you have a title and need to include information about the job. This is where it gets pretty. You have the ability to add in as much information about the job as you wish to include the perks, hours, salary… etc. Sadly though, I see not many people are writing quality job ads and simply posting what they think is the minimum. That’s like yelling from a moving car…

In your classified ad it should be streamlined, to the point AND include the keywords used in your title. Thats right, the keywords you want people to find on the net for this job order should also be included in your ad. At we even allow bolding, bullet points and links.

Online Classified Ad Rules:
• At least 150 words, hopefully more. Remember, online ads allow much more creativity and copy within the ad – especially at!
• First paragraph will include your keywords twice. Remember to break up your ad into bite size chunks. You can’t give the applicant one huge block of text to read – they won’t comprehend it.
• Have a good closing… keep reading…

Within this adult classified ad you are going to include as much information as possible, but, you must also make it attractive to the potential applicant. We got them to the site by using good keywords in the title which was picked up by search engines; they have read your job offer which was broken up into at least 2 to 4 paragraphs… but now we need to close the applicant and make them go to your site using a great “Call To Action”.

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