Call to Action in Adult Classified Ads

Some people have no clue what a “call to action” is.. and that, if they simply throw an ad online or even in print they hope to get some foot traffic. This is called the “spray and pray” method of marketing. This method consists of multiple crappy ads in hopes that it gets seen… by anyone.. and this crap rarely works unless you hammer those ads daily in hundreds of markets. We have a better 3-stage method…

We got you here. This is what we offer; now this is what we want you to do next >>

Once you have the perfect title, and of course a well laid out ad, we close up the copy (the text of the ad) with a great call to action. What we mean by a call to action is what we want the applicant to do next. We have given them the title of the job we are trying to fill which got them here; we gave them the information which tells them about this great job… now we want them to click the “APPLY” button (our call to action) instead of traipsing off to look at another ad.

The Call To Action

Classified Ad SalesmanThe call to action in any article, post, podcast or video is simply the point at which we want our reader or viewer to do something for us – and we must make it entertaining or valuable to them to go the next step. Therefore, a “call to action” is something we place on our article or video, like a link for them to click; or in the case of a podcast or TV commercial a phone number we want them to call or a website to visit. You have to make them follow the funnel in order to get something they want and need and… can ultimately only get from you… if they click that link…

How is this done? Quite simple – you leave yourself a little wiggle room in your ad whereby you tease them with more information “only to those qualified” or a great teaser whereby they can only get more information about this “limited opportunity” if they apply today… or my favorite, “We want to give you more information but we’ve run out of room in this ad…”

The call to action doesn’t have to be totally concealed or hidden, just hidden in the verbiage that they must click APPLY to get the rest of the job info or to apply for this “once in a lifetime opportunity”. Leave this tasty morsel for them to follow to the end and you’ll see that more often than not, people will click that very least link in hopes of discovering something they hadn’t heard of before.

Remember to use the ad utilities (bold, italicize, bullet point) for all your UnholyJob classified ads and dress your ad to impress.

Think of the “Call To Action” in your adult classified ad, whether its to hire someone or sell something, as the readers last chance to get with your firm.

Written By: Nick.Clark |
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