Make Bigger Tips Being A Top Performer

If you were wondering how to make bigger tips as an escort, dancer, telephone actress or webcam girl, you have come to the right place. UnholyJobs has finally completed the book on how to make bigger tips in the adult industry. Let me tell you, it was fun writing it.

We interviewed some great performers and they of course told us their secrets to making better tips than some most other people in their industry. Actually a lot of it is no big secret, you simply cater to the customer and attempt to emulate their feelings while making sure they feel they are the number one customer in the room.
Make Bigger Tips
So, how do you do this with 100 people vying for your attention? Whether there are 100 people typing at you to do this or that, or waving dollar bills in the air for you to come over – there are many ways in which to get all or most of them to tip generously and of course to visit only you when they return to your site or club.

Ok, So How Do You Make Bigger Tips?

With a little prodding from the information up above, you should be cluing into the fact that most people need to feel important in your business. The customer needs to understand that while they are important and you will cater to them, they must also realize that great feeling they have will cost them a little extra to keep it going.

Massaging a customers ego is a great way to make bigger tips. You realize here I didn’t say “get bigger tips” – I mean to say “make” bigger tips. There is a difference. When you are able to make tips properly it becomes more of a flow of how you work and how well you “earn” your tips. Keep in mind, no one is going to walk up to you, hand you $20 and walk away. They expect something for that cash. What they should expect is to get a great show and to “have” to tip you for a great performance and we show you how to do that in this free download!

If you are ready to learn how to make bigger tips now is your chance. We are offering our book as a free download so that we can earn your honest reviews – that’s it – nothing to buy. We simply want you to read our book, apply some of the great lessons on how to make bigger tips and comment to us if they worked for you or not.

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Make Bigger Tips