Missouri is restricting and banning strip clubs, and that is one of the reasons they suck. Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has signed a bill outlawing nude dancing and alcohol sales inside the Show-Me State’s strip clubs. The new law bans full nudity and alcohol at strip clubs. It also requires that clubs close before midnight, and that seminude employees must stay on a stage at least 18 inches high and at least 6 feet from customers in a room of at least 600 square feet. Supporters of the new bill claim that strip clubs contribute to seedy behavior, demean women, cause divorces and drive down property values. The attorney credited for creating the law has said restrictions on operating hours, nudity and buffers between exotic dancers and patrons have been upheld elsewhere. Basically the new law is designed to force strip clubs out of business, because a bunch of “moral” people don’t like “sinners” earning a living or having fun. Of course they don’t out right say they want to close down businesses, instead they just make it impossible to operate and earn money.

The Missouri Association of Club Executives along with 16 other adult business owners, stores, and dancers filed a lawsuit in Cole County court to stop a bill. The challengers of the bill state that it obviously infringes on their First Amendment rights, and that the bill suppresses freedom of expression during certain hours and in certain means that are unconstitutional. In addition they state of Missouri failed to enact the bill properly since they did not do the fiscal review required by the state. In addition they will be spending tax dollars improperly by having to enforce this if it is sustained as being legitimate; which would be a $4 million dollar hit to tax payers.

So that is all the legal shit, and now you are up to date on what Missouri is doing try and put an end to legal Adult entertainment in their state. I can’t believe it is 2010 and this is an issue people are being forced to fight against. I am mostly annoyed by the people that I know are supporting this bill. I can see them now with bible in hand and protesting signs telling us all how we should live our lives according to their rules of morality. The part that makes me sick is that Missouri has an unemployment rate of 9.3% and they are looking for ways to increase that number.

I am one of those odd mixes of people that is financially conservative and socially liberal. So I against punishing small business in any way and against infringing on any ones right to earn a living doing anything legal they want. This bill is not just going to hurt “strippers”, but will also hurt alcohol vendors, and other businesses that supply and support clubs. The state itself will be losing tax revenue generated by strip clubs. The state of Missouri chooses to pander to the morally righteous at the sacrifice of their economy.

I can’t help to argue the points of the supporters of the bill, who claim that strip clubs contribute to seedy behavior, demean women, cause divorces and drive down property values.

So let’s go point by point.

Strip Clubs contribute to seedy behavior:
So? Define “seedy behavior” prove it with police reports!

Strip Clubs demean women:
What women? The women that CHOOSE to work there, or the ones that drive by and are mad because they could never earn a living this way.

Strip Clubs cause divorces:
Fuck You, only “people” can cause divorce

Strip Clubs drive down property values:
If you live near a place that is zoned for a strip club your property value is already low and not going up regardless of the strip clubs.

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