Posted on February 1 , 2012 In Dancers

G-String Diva Featuring Exotic Dancer Jobs Video

Its not often you get videos sent in to your website, but when an exotic dancer does it we take notice. This G-String dancing diva actually even took the time to write right on her ass. Looking for exotic dancer jobs shouldn’t force you to create a video but certainly could help.

Posted on January 28 , 2012 In Stripper of the Month

January Stripper of the Month – Nikki Delano

This month’s “Stripper of The Month” is acclaimed actress, dancer, pornstar, sex goddess, et all is none other than Brooklyn’s own Nikki Delano! This smoking hot, exotic busty blonde from Brooklyn is literally taking the industry by storm! With just a year in the biz, Nikki has performed in over 100 films for Choice Studios; as well websites and cable TV

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Changes To UnholyJobs Free Adult Job Orders Policy

In an effort to keep applicants safe we are only accepting free adult job orders from people with corresponding email addresses. Meaning: your email address must coincide with your website address. We will no longer accept job orders from people or companies using a free email address. Example: Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail …

Posted on January 26 , 2012 In General

The Worst Way To Make Bigger Tips

One of the very worst ways to try and make bigger tips is to flat out lie to a customer. There is nothing more annoying than someone begging for tips. Every once in a while you find those people chasing nickles and losing dollars. Think you can’t make more than the seasoned pro in your club… think again. Learn the secrets to make bigger tips whether you are a webcam girl or dancer with this free download

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Public Relations for The Adult Industry

The public relations company working for any adult company or porn star must be on top of every aspect of marketing. Too often you see some PR firms focusing solely on trying to get venues for their clients and losing out on other forms of simple strategic marketing.

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How To Post Ads On Craigslist

Free report on how to post ads on Craigslist. Learn how to properly post an ad without it getting ghosted. Now since Craigslist has diminished the opportunities for some adult work, how then should someone post an ad on Craigslist? We played around with a few posting scenarios and came up with several ideas