Posted on August 29 , 2011 In General

Scam Jobs Being Posted

We here at try to make this a great place to find and post adult jobs. Every once in a while we see a job that appears sketchy (to put it mildly). We try to accept all ads but when they don’t include some information or attempt to gather information that would normally not […]

Posted on May 20 , 2011 In NEWS

Playboy posts 57 years of nudity online

Playboy has announced this week that it will begin building a database of all articles, editorials, photo shoots – et al from 57 years of Playboy Magazine and make it searchable. All I can say is wow! And.. about time! Subscriptions are available for $8 US per month, $60 US per year and $100 US […]

Posted on May 17 , 2011 In General

Stripper Gets Speeding Tickets

There you are, late to the club again and you know you are going to lose your spot on the runway… again.. A lady friend of mine, yes a peeler, has to be the slowest person when it comes to getting ready for work. I keep telling her to just get ready at work but […]

Posted on May 8 , 2011 In General

Make Bigger Tips

If you were wondering how to make bigger tips as an escort, dancer, telephone actress or webcam girl, you have come to the right place. UnholyJobs has finally completed the book on how to make bigger tips in the adult industry. This is a free download but only for a limited time!

Posted on February 9 , 2011 In Bouncer

How To Spot Fake ID Cards

Checking for Fake ID’s Is Easier Than You Think When it comes to checking a persons age to allow them into a bar or club, it is now doubly difficult thanks to super personal printers and scanners. A good bouncer or doorman need to look for only a few key elements of a license or […]

Posted on January 12 , 2011 In Dancers, Strip Clubs

What Top Earning Strippers Know

Are you brand new to stripping or thinking about becoming a stripper? It’s not as easy as it looks (or sounds) You might think you can slap some makeup on, show up, and twirl around the pole…but really that stuff has NOTHING to do with how you make money stripping.