Being in the industry, you know that your content is what keeps you ahead of the competition and is often how you earn a living. But you also know your photos, videos and articles are often stolen, a lot. But how do you combat the thieves and have your content removed and possibly have their sites taken down?

There is also that time when an angry ex takes those private pictures and starts to spread them around the Internet. If your pictures are important to you find out how to get these images removed today. Your reputation and well being is also in jeopardy should these images get circulated.

Too often bullies have been sending pictures of people in an attempt to humiliate their victims, and sadly, some victims will commit suicide in order to escape the embarrassment or hurt they feel. This was recently in the news and I won’t bring it up here – but we have seen it happen and it is just plain sad that someone could do this to another person.

Not Only Humiliation But You Will Also Lose Revenue

You understand and realize that your image is not only a copyright infringement and hurts when someone steals your work, but it’s also lost revenue. Revenue is often derived from the traffic you can get to your website. But, if that traffic is diverted by way of search engines showing the site which has your stolen content you lose out. You see, some thieves may have an advantage over you when it comes to getting ranked in search engines.
DMCA Content Takedown
They may have a better method for ranking and will use your images and other content to help them attain a first page ranking. We have had hundreds of articles stolen and have had to fill out numerous DMCA take-down notices… and it sucks to have to spend quality time getting your content removed when instead you could be uploading or creating fresher content (which search engines love).

While there are certain methods to getting your content removed legally, there is one alternative to saving you time and money and that is by using a DMCA take-down company like Whether its watermarking your images or full blown take-downs, is extremely good at what they do.

So, if you’re like me and your photos and other content is important, contact by clicking one of the banners below to get started.

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