Running a site like I get to meet a lot of people with original and cool ideas. Recently on Twitter I gained a new follow with a website called I typically am not interested in niche social networking websites for numerous reasons, but this site caught my attention. If you are like me and have joined other social networking sites in the past you may have been burned when they shut down and are now skeptical of new comers. I was a member of Inked Nation for a long time, until it just disappeared and left me with a bad taste in my mouth. It has been on line since 2006 and only appears to be growing and improving.

I don’t want to make this about versus other sites, but I would suggest that the old escort community think about transitioning to BadGirlEscorts. It isn’t a replacement to Craigslist Adult Section because it doesn’t pigeonhole itself to only escort enthusiasts. Instead BadGirlEscort’s focus is on the tattoo, rock n roll, and independent escort communities creating a better website.

BadGirlEscort offers all the critical features that a good social escort networking site must have. The best way I can think to describe it is as a mix between Facebook and Myspace. The site takes all the great features of Facebook and Myspace and combine them into one, while leaving out all the crap you hate. The only negative thing I can find about the website is that their user base isn’t huge yet. Which is why you should sign up now, and get in on the ground floor of what is sure to be a huge community. If you are a tattoo artist, shop owner, artist, or band it is a must that you join and start making a name for yourself on the site. It has all the integration tools you need to bring over your current friends and followers from Facebook and Twitter in just a few easy clicks.

I had a chance to correspond with Max the founder of the site, and got some inside information on the site, and its plans for the future. You can read this interview below.

When was your site founded, and what makes it different?

The site was first started in 2008 as an alt-erotic modeling community. We decided shortly after that we wanted to broaden our user base to be a community of tattoo lovers and rock n roll culture aka rebel culture. It’s now a place where tattooed men/woman can come together to share pics, write blogs, browse designs, showcase artists and listen to new bands. We’re also very big on supporting independent artists of all kinds as well as local businesses that don’t fit into the norm mold.

That is great; what motivated you to start a website like this?

Back then there were only a couple sites doing the whole alt modeling thing but they were more focused on the naked girls (who wouldn’t be) instead of the community itself. I wanted to focus more on the culture aspect instead and give them a better community/social feeling. I also wanted to have a central location where I can feature a lot of my friends’ art/tattoos/businesses and expose them to an audience that would be truly supportive and appreciative.

How long did you take you to go from “idea” to working website?

This took a while. The first version I did myself and had it up within 2 weeks however things got crazy at my design company ( and we decided to take the site down while we changed the focus/vision of it. In January of 2009 we re-launched with a new design and focus after working on the layouts and coding for close to a year on and off. We’re still adding new functionality and already thinking of new and easier to use layouts for our users. We’re very open to our user suggestions.

How many people are involved in the daily operations of the website?

Up until last year it was a one-man show however since then I brought it under the umbrella of my design company, theMerde so we now we have a team of 3 actively working on all our communities.

What can we expect from the site in the future?

We have tons planned for the future! Right now we’re working on a new simplified layout and home page design to bring more focus on the tattoo/rock n roll aspect. We’ll also be doing written features/articles/reviews of bands/artists with the new design. It’s time to bring punk and rock n roll back!

I can’t think of a better way than Joey’s last statement to end this article. So go sign up at and help “bring punk and rock n roll back!

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