There you are, late to the club again and you know you are going to lose your spot on the runway… again..

A lady friend of mine, yes a peeler, has to be the slowest person when it comes to getting ready for work. I keep telling her to just get ready at work but she believes her “fans” (I call stalkers) are waiting for her and she has to look her best.

What happens next is pretty much a weekly routine. She’s driving to the club, fast, and of course gets pulled over for speeding or receives a speeding ticket in the mail. You can’t smile or cry your way out of a cam ticket.

So upon checking I found a product today I thought was awesome and soon will be ordering it. I have read up on how to do it and how some redlight cameras and speed cameras work and this loks to be a safe bet. Any reader care to check out if this product works and report back?