This is the first installment of The Drink Of The Month . It is hotter than hell outside so this months pick is a nice summer time drink that involves two of my favorite things Jack Daniels and Ice.
I found this drink recipe on a site dedicated to The Competition Barbecue Team


Tools: Steel Shaker, Large Glass
Ingredients: Ice, Jack Daniels, Orange Juice, Pomegranate Lemonade, Canada Dry Gingerale
Fill the steel shaker half full of crushed ice
Combine 2 Oz of Jack Daniels, 2 Oz of Orange Juice, with 3 Oz of Pomegranate Lemonade and Stir
Next pour in 8 Oz of Canada Dry Ginger-ale and Swirl
Pour the mixture into a large cool glass filled with ice
Drink and Enjoy!