Bouncer Handbook

Being a Bouncer Has Its Perks

You’ve probably seen movies like Road House or read books on bouncing and most movies over glorify the bouncer lifestyle, but never a glimpse into the world of real bouncing. Getting a job as a bouncer is easier than you think but often doesn’t come with a guide or rulebook.

You first have to understand that while fun, there are still some things to consider when working as a bouncer or doorman. Sure you attract women, but you also attract drunks… it’s why you are at the door in the first place.


Bouncers, unless they are sworn police officers, do not have any more legal protection than the average citizen. They have the right to act as an agent of their establishment’s owner, removing patrons from the place. But their duty ends at the door.

Bouncers are sometimes given leeway by sheriff’s officers on two conditions. First, their actions must be taken in order to prevent a crime, such as assault, and second, that they don’t do more than they need to remove a patron.

Security staff can’t expect any special protection from assault charges if they overstep those boundaries.

This is often the case when it comes to removing an unruly patron from the bar or club. The injuries most often occur in the parking lot – not in the club. When you are trying to wrestle with a person and open the door with his head or bounce him onto the sidewalk – you never know what injuries you have just caused and you don’t know if that patron will want to press charges against you for assault.

I did find a book that gave a great glimpse into the life of being a bouncer and also had some fantastic tips. The Bouncer Handbook gives you the tools, guidance, and advice you need to become a strip club or nightclub bouncer. You don’t have to be juiced-up on steroids or super huge to become a bouncer. But you do have to be quick witted and confident to defuse and control volatile situations. Bouncing is a tough job, but comes with many perks.

Whether you are just not cut out for mainstream cooperate America, need a little excitement in you life, or just want to earn extra money on weekends this job is for you. In order to make a career out of bouncing you need to know where the money is, and how to make it.

You will learn how to find and land a good paying job; how to get promoted, and how to deal with any situation like a pro. The Bouncer Handbook prepares you for working in dance clubs, strip clubs and night clubs. I found in this book were some great tips that most that club owners and managers don’t tell you or don’t know to tell you.