The Worst Way To Try and Make Bigger Tips

One of the very worst ways to try and make bigger tips is to flat out lie to a customer. One of the most sinful things I heard when doing this research at a club was when a dancer told me:

Honey, I need your help. I need to sell so many drinks during my shift or I’ll be fired. Can you buy me a drink? Please… Pllleeeaase?

There is nothing more annoying than someone begging for tips. Shame on those webcam site managers, club owners or club managers who don’t train their performers on how to extract the best tips from the even the worst clients (which we show you how to do in our FREE book… keep reading).

Make Bigger Tips by Training Your Staff

Should that dancer have been fired for a crappy line. Only if she wouldn’t stop using it once she knew how to really make bigger tips. Did it work? Hell no! Did I tell her what she was doing was pointless and that she could be making more trying other tactics? Yes, but did she believe me… probably not. Every once in a while you find those people chasing nickles and losing dollars – she was just that type of person. She responded telling me that some guys would buy her a drink and of course she made a small commission for the sale.

Really? Just how much commission can a dancer make off one drink? We asked… $1. So, she lost me as a repeat customer and probably lost countless others with that pointless attempt of making extra cash in the club. As well, how could she tally how many she actually did sell? I am guessing she was losing cash by not keeping track of her drink sales not to mention making better tips doing the job properly.

I believe the club owner is to blame for not properly training his dancers on how to work the floor. Ok, so he squeezed $4 out of some moron for a cranberry juice, maybe he gave $1 to the dancer – and pocketed a whopping $3. I’m not even going to get into detail about having to payout the bartender, cost of the product, cost to maintain the glass being used… etc etc. If the club owner or manager truly trained his staff on how to properly work a floor they would be up to their elbows in quality performers, happy clients who return more often and of course more liquor (or juice bar) sales. Keeping the performers happy is key to this industry. No one like a girl who is dancing with a frown on her face.

So lets focus back on the fun of the club or chatroom where we include our customers in our mini-lives for the moment and make them feel as special as possible so they open their wallets (or purses) and really tip out. Think it’s not possible? We’ll show you how, simply download my new book on ways to Make Bigger Tips – its free… for now…

Make Bigger Tips