Its clear that most strippers start off a little shaky, they get to know the “biz” and then become old pros rather quickly at dancing their way into your heart and out of your pocket. I’m not saying they shouldn’t do this… on the contrary – if some cat wants to spend his money at the club drooling over a woman he has no chance with then so be it. More power to the ladies!

One of the best ways to learn how to be the best dancer or cam girl is to simply follow the lead of some of the more experienced women (and men) who know how to move through a room and don’t have their heads clouded with dope or drink. Some of these dancers get in and get out when they can, others either aren’t that lucky or simply don’t know when to quit.

When you get into this line of work, write down what it is you want to get out of it – money is probably the first motivating factor. If so then come up with a number and plan that once you get to that number you leave. There are other ways of looking at the industry and also how some people say its a gateway job to porn – but, IMHO its the person who decides this – not fate.

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