Trying to find work in this recession is tough enough, now couple that with having the holidays slow down your search will often make you want to quit the search altogether… or get out there and snap up the work others failed to pick up.

If others decided to quit at where you decided to forge ahead will only put you more out front when it comes time for hiring, or even pop your name on an HR manager when they start looking for people again.

Now is Not The Time To Quit Your Job Search

Dropping off of the job market scene for the next month or so will not only hinder your job search but may put you into a downward spiral of not putting yourself out there. Here are a few tips to get you motivated to continue your job search through the holidays:

  1. Be sure to update (and clean up) your online profiles on all social sites you are a member. Be doubly sure to check your privacy settings and any images of you posted on those sites. Try to post a professional looking head-shot photo in your profile.
  2. Do attend some networking functions during the holidays but be sure not to drink to excess and try not to have your hands full. Keep one hand empty so that you may shakes a persons hand. It’s normally at these functions where you may meet your future employer.
  3. Begin by making a list of the companies you wish to work for and what you can provide for them. Make sure you get as much information on the company as you can, it will help if you do get an interview to know the company history, policy and who the major players are.
  4. Now that you have a list of places you wish to work, draft a target letter for the Human Resources manager or person in the department you wish to interview with. In this letter suggest how you can improve and increase sales, or how you may strengthen a department. Always follow up a few days later to schedule a meeting.
  5. With your newly refined list, start jotting down appointments after the first of the year. This not only alleviates the HR person from scheduling around the holiday functions in the office but will certainly give you something to look forward to after the holidays are over.
  6. Your opportunity cost during this time is extremely high. Take full advantage of this time to not only catch up with old friends but make new networks. Your job search will be much easier if you keep at it. If you can’t find full time work, you can do part time freelance work at vWorker