Best Stripper Names in the Top 10

When choosing a top 10 stripper name don’t forget that it is one of the first things your customers will know about you. Using one of the top 10 stripper names can have adverse affects on your pocketbook. But, having the best stripper name can be a fantastic marketing tool if you keep a few things in mind:

Picking a common stripper name will likely get you mixed up with someone else in the club you are working and even more likely the stripper stage name you picked will have already been used and may confuse some customers if they think their favorite dancer has returned.

Now comes the problem, do you choose a popular stripper name or do you A. use a normal sounding name or B. use a stripper name that is exotic (this method has advantages).

If you think you can’t change your stage name at this point you are mistaken. Its better to change it now than to stick with something that is negatively affecting your pay. Keep in mind that customers want to know something about you, and their fantasy should be fulfilled so I would suggest opting for option B from above. If you chose option A more luck to you… that normal name will make you a better waitress.

An exotic name you use must be short, and not too many syllables. If they can’t remember your name make it at least intriguing enough where they ask others about you. Building this mystique is also important to building a client base. If someone were to tell you their name, would you be curious enough to ask about it? If not, then it doesn’t truly hold the same rapport building element.

Best Stripper named Shoe
I thought it would be fun to put a list together of the 10 most common stripper stage names.

10. After a city in The United States
9. Jade
8. Raven
7. Coco
6. Sabrina
5. Tiffany
4. Amber
3. Star
2. Destiny
1. Candy

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